Welcome to Honalee Day Spa

IMG_7472.jpgHonalee Day Spa offers massage and spa Body Treatments... Shannon uses all therapeutic modalities for massage and combines several different types of Therapeutic Massage with a specialized treatment plan for her clients such as:

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All massages at Honalee Day Spa come with the following complimentory services:
Custom oils: Shannon makes her own Essential Oil blends for her massages. Some are for pain, stress, relaxation, water retention and more.

Hot Towels: All massages are accompanied with hot towels that are placed on the back and wrapped around the feet during the massage.

Foot Scrub: All massages are accompanied by a citus foot scrub that smells like citus and gently exfoliates the skin.

Heated Tables: Honalee Day Spa has heated tables.

Aromatherapy: Availible upon request.




Chinese Fire Cupping

fire-cupping-method.jpgChinese Fire Cupping

These are very different and amazing..small cups pull toxins straight out of the body! In Asain medicine they believe that Qi or (chi) gets congested on certain painful parts of the body..after using cupping on these areas Qi or (chi) returns and the pain is gone..this treatment is great for people with asthma or chronic congestion of the chest..or colds or anytime that you just can't kick something.

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Hot Stone Therapy

IMG_7478.jpgHot Stone

Amazing massage with added heat. Hot Stones melt away tension and stress, and ease pain away.  Stones are used the whole massage and placed up spine for relaxation. Hot Stone can be used in combination with any massage.Hot Stone facial and steamy hot towel are also in this massage.

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